Building a Sustainable Future

We develop turnkey wind and solar projects with aim of significantly reducing business energy costs and hedging against future escalation. Our projects are characterized by impeccable site selection, on time execution, high energy yield and superior after-sales O&M support.


We work with our customers in various formats to realize top notch grid connected PV projects. With our extensive experience in land procurement, liaisoning and working with state utilities we offer turnkey projects from concept to commissioning. We also offer stand-alone design, project management and EPC services for those customers with land and evacuation.


Our core wind service is turnkey project development. Wind projects take years of due-diligence and development. We shorten the development cycle by having sites ready for project execution within weeks. We make wind energy projects accessible to all types of businesses and investors by developing large scale projects and offer them at preferred smaller scales.

The X Factors

What sets us apart from other developers and EPC players.

Superb Projects

Top-notch project development backed with extensive due-diligence.

Our projects start with site selection with a focus on high energy yield and low cost of energy. Prior to site acquisition extensive due-diligence is done to mitigate all risks related to the project execution and operation of the plant over its lifetime of 25 years. Our first projects installed in 1990's have stood the test time continue to yield energy and remain an asset to our customers. Our projects are superb!

Formidable Track Record

Domain expertise of over 25 Years with a track record of ethical business practices.

Our founder was the first to connect a private wind turbine to the TNEB grid in 1989. Since then we have developed and executed over 1000 renewable projects. With over 25 years and 400MW of projects we are ahead in the learning curve and this is the reason for the high success rates of our projects.

Excellent Operations & Maintenance

Minimizing plant down-time is key and we do a great job at it.

The focus of our O&M team is to make sure the plant produces energy with minimal down-time and operates close to its peak efficiency through its life time. We take care of all aspects of O&M : preventive maintenance, breakdown restoration and troubleshooting and liaisoning with state utilities. We have a highly efficient workforce of over 120 personnel at the sites that operates close to 400 plants. The fleet availability of our wind turbines is over 97% and that of solar plants is close over 99%.

Fast Execution

Better than industry benchmark execution speed.

The faster a project is executed the lower the construction interest costs and project risks. We tend to have better execution time than most competitors. We minimize schedule risks with extensive duediligence on the project and planning a project meticulously. Our supply chain is agile and risk mitigated.

Low Cost Of Energy

High energy yield, competitive costs.

The primary goal of a renewable projects is a quick payback and a a high return (ROI). The key value driver in realizing this goals is the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy). We strive to minimize the capital costs while maximizing energy yield, construction interest costs and operation costs of the plant through its life cycle. We are able to achieve this through lean management, low overheads and superior capital allocation.

No Sweat Guaranteed

Seamless and hassle-free project execution.

Our projects are hassle-free from the start till the end. No intervention is required and the project is executed on time . There is absolute transparency in schedules and status of the project and any cost overrun is absorbed by us with the exception of those brought about by changes in government regulations and statutory bodies.

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